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Live Jamsession @ Beatfabrik, Heidelberg. 9/12/2017

Featuring: Martin Pohl, Wolfgang Kirchheim, Siegmund Køb, Mr. Malverde & Jop Arsianto

Lightshow by Keith Pearson Camera by Conrad, Markus, Jean Michél & Marc Editing by Mr. Malverde


Banana Gallery Mannheim, Germany, 


Glaswald was founded in 2004 in Basel by jazz pianist  Martin Pohl and experimental composer Wolfgang Kirchheim.  AVB studio project at first, Glaswald recorded numerous  albums featuring free-form psychedelic ambient  improvisations. 

In 2009, Glaswald entered the stages playing live  concerts, without altering their focus on improvisation,  and drawing on an increasing pool of guest musicians.  Inspired by German KrautRock legends like Tangerine Dream  or Can, Glaswald keep that experimental spirit alive and  rocking... 

In addition to Kirchheim's experimental  guitar scapes and Pohl's raw virtuosity on  the synthesizer, energetic drum work and crisp basslines  complete the live sound of the band. Vocal and  performance art by Indonesian enfant terrible JOP  ARSIANTO have been a recurring element in the band's  concerts since 2011. 

Every concert is a unique experience for both  the musicians and the audience, an adventurous expedition  into the depths of the Glass jungle. 


In 2012, the band played live at the dOCUMENTA 13 in  Kassel and gigged with Jop Arsianto for the first time,  delivering a well remembered performance at Villa  Nachttanz, Heidelberg.


In 2013, Glaswald performed as  opener for Guru Guru at Karlstorbahnhof, Heidelberg. Since then, Glaswald have performed and collaborated with  a diverse cast of musicians  and spawned several side projects.  They remain  a vital part of the musical underground in their  hometown, Heidelberg.


The Regulars:  

Daniel Gallimore (Drums), Jesus Malverde (Drums),  Marco Tecza (Drums), Jop Arsianto (Vocals),  Siggi Holiday (Bass) 

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