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Artist Statement


Early 2000 I moved to Germany and for the first  time I was forced to encounter the feeling of being part of a  minority and an object of racism. Growing up in  Indonesia as a part of a majority, having the  privileges that come along with being part of a  majority, this was quite shocking for me. Even  though I knows that not every person gets treated  the same way, it was the first time for me to  experience it first-hand. Not every human-being is  treated equally – what a shame !

My Artwork talks about how I encountered the everyday life in my new environment.  I constantly absorbed new information from the daily encounter  with people or from media. It is a life learning  process, which obviously will take a long time, and  it took a whole lot of blood and gut out of me.


The  irony from it is that it doesn’t matter how long it  will take, I will never  be an integral part of it. Actually, I don’t really  care, if I am not going to be an integral part ! As  long as the environment allows a healthy  oppositional thinking and a pinch of humour and  comedy, I’m down with it. 


Art Portfolios 

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